• Engineering Services

  • The staff at GME Tradetech Engineering have over 60 years experience in the field. We have Certified Coded Welders and Qualified Engineers in both light and heavy fabrication. We pride ourselves on the variety of materials and sizes that we can fabricate.

    We have worked with clients of all sizes - residential, commercial, and industrial. Clients seek us out for purpose-driven Welding Services, Project Assistance, and Winery Engineering Solutions. We believe in providing repeatable quality, accuracy, and turnaround speed.

    Health and Safety in the workplace and onsite is of utmost importance to us. We take appropriate precautions and have measures in place to ensure that we are properly aligned with the requirements of the Health and Safety Systems Ltd.

    GME Tradetech Engineering can offer a computer aided design (CAD) of your next project and a quotation / estimation service for engineering in most sectors, including mechanical ventilation.

  • Services Offered:

    • Stainless steel fabrication - structures, tube and pipe welding, juice lines.
    • Mild steel structures and metal work fabrication.
    • Aluminium welding and repairs.
    • Mechanical services - kitchen hoods, ventilation, CO2 extraction.
    • Plastic welding
    • Winery fitting welding.
    • Winery engineering solutions.
  • For our Sales, Design and Estimation department, please contact either:

    George Manson on 03 577 9849
    Geoff Corlet on 021 391 891

  • Stainless Steel Work
  • Stainless Steel Services

  • Stainless Steel Sculpture for Abour Restaurant By G M Engineering Services In Marlborough NZ

    A large number of our projects involve stainless steel.

    Our Stainless Steel Services include:

    • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrications​
    • General Stainless Steel Fabrication​s
    • Stainless Steel Pipe Installations
    • Stainless Steel Pipe Modifications
    • Stainless Steel Repairs​
    • Stainless Steel Structural Work
    • Stainless Steel Tank Installations
    • Stainless Steel Tank Modifications​

    As the image galleries below show, we've worked on a wide range of stainless steel projects including:

    • Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems
    • Stainless Steel Foam Traps
    • Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers​
    • Stainless Steel Platforms & Hoppers
    • Stainless Steel Sculptures​
    • Stainless Steel Wine Racks​
  • Mild Steel Work
  • Mild Steel Services

  • Onsite Service By G M Engineering Services In Marlborough NZ

    Another major aspect of our work involves mild steel.

    Our Mild Steel Services include:

    • Custom Mild Steel Fabrications
    • General Mild Steel Fabrications
    • Mild Steel Pipe Installations
    • Mild Steel Pipe Modifications
    • Mild Steel Repairs​
    • Mild Steel Structural Work
    • Mild Steel Tank Installations
    • Mild Steel Tank Modifications​

    As the image galleries below show, we've worked on a wide range of mild steel projects including:

    • Bulldozer Bucket Repairs
    • Bulldozer Bucket Overhauls
    • Bulldozer Track Repairs
    • Digger Boom Repairs
    • Harvester Repairs
    • Heavy Machinery Repairs
    • Leaf Plucker Modifications
    • Truck Trailer Repairs
  • Fabricating / Manufacturing:

    • Cattle Crush Frames
    • Crushing Plant Chutes
    • Extractor Chutes
    • Self-contained Pods
    • Show Frames
    • Deck Cover Frames
  • Aluminium Welding
  • Aluminium Welding

  • GM Engineering offers a range of aluminium services. These can be performed onsite at your premises or right here at our yard in Springlands. Here are a few pics showing solutions for boating repairs on a motor and rear transom stiffening.

  • Plastic Welding
  • Plastic Welding

  • We offer a variety of plastic welding services. Below are a few pics showing plastic welding solutions for spray tank repairs for agriculture sprayers.

  • Winery Fittings
  • Winery Fittings

  • We also do purge welding of all types of winery fittings​. See examples below.